Weather Expected to Take Some Turns Over Weekend

Times Staff Writer

From drizzle to dazzle--San Diegans are likely to see the weather gamut this weekend. The gray skies and light rain expected today should give way to slightly Santa Ana-like temperatures by Sunday, forecasters say.

A 10% to 20% chance of rain is in the forecast for this morning, along with cloudy skies and lower temperatures throughout the day, said Wilbur Shigehara of the National Weather Service.

“Friday’s clouds are expected to linger into Saturday morning, but a clearing trend will begin Saturday afternoon,” Shigehara said.

A low-pressure system from the north “hatched” and created two systems, he said, and the weaker, smaller system has come through San Diego and is responsible for the lower temperatures and minimal sunshine.


“A high-pressure system will chase the clouds away and bring the warming,” Shigehara said. “By Sunday, we may see a semblance of a weak Santa Ana. It might push 80 degrees in some of the county’s warmer areas.”

Beach highs will be a cool 65 to 68 today, and temperatures will climb slightly, into the low 70s, Shigehara said. Ocean temperature is 65 and surf is 2 to 3 feet.

Daytime highs along the coast are expected to reach 68 to 74 today and the mid- to high 70s on Saturday and Sunday. Overnight lows are expected to be 58 to 62 through the weekend.

Inland temperatures will range from 73 to 77 today and rise to 78 to 86 on Saturday and Sunday.