Fatal Revision

Convicted killer Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald is the subject of yet another TV project--a proposed 4- to 6-hour miniseries now being written for Paragon Motion Pictures. No network deal is set.

MacDonald is appealing his 1979 conviction for murdering his wife and two small daughters in 1970, when he was an Army doctor. According to Paragon veep Diane Scanlan, the new project will focus on the last 10 years of sleuthing by MacDonald’s chief investigator, former FBI L.A. bureau chief Ted Gunderson, who claims to have uncovered new evidence vindicating MacDonald.

The crime was the subject of the best-selling 1983 book “Fatal Vision” and a subsequent NBC mini-series. A documentary is currently in production.

MacDonald’s father-in-law, Alfred Kassab, whose zealousness led to MacDonald’s prosecution, said he was “upset” that another project on the case was in the works.


Paragon secured dramatic rights from Gunderson, but not from MacDonald. Scanlan added: “We are not doing ‘Fatal Vision,’ Part II.’ This is Gunderson’s story.”