Political Hogwash?

I've been following the arguments surrounding the no-growth initiatives. On the political hogwash index, Citizens for Limited Growth scores a 10!

With Peter Navarro sniveling over the placement of the initiative on the ballot. And Linda Martin bellyaching over . . .

In a recent Times article, Tom Mullaney slings his share of the mud, saying the builders have "no substantiation of the claim" that income loss and job loss would result if Proposition J is passed.

Irrespective of what fat-cat developers have to say, the highly credible San Diego Economic Development Corp.'s prediction that "unemployment will nearly double" substantiates the claim!

Proposition J is a piecemeal approach to growth problems facing San Diego with no positive recommendations for easing traffic congestion, a major concern to the community.

I challenge the voters in San Diego to understand the extreme and inflexible nature of these no-growth initiatives. They don't solve the problems they profess to, and they actually create or worsen many additional problems!


San Diego

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