The extent to which the Oct. 6 car-pool day (and car-pooling in this area generally) has been unsuccessful is partially attributable, I believe, to the somewhat unique character of the area. We are so spread out that it becomes very difficult to match your departure and arrival points and times with those of other people, unless you work for a large company.

I commute through a congested area of Orange County and have twice applied to the Orange County Transit District's ride-sharing program for a match list. Both times, I received a list with only one name on it, and when I called the person's number, it had been disconnected. Some of my co-workers received blank lists. As far as public transportation goes, that's a joke. For practical purposes, you might as well say there isn't any.

What really frosts me, though, is the attitude of so many transportation planners who imply that it would be easy for many to car-pool if only we were willing to share rides. That's totally unrealistic, and I'd bet that most of the transportation officials who are saying that don't even car-pool.


La Habra

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