Local News in Brief : Irvine : UCI Enrollment Jumps 4.6% in Year to 15,874

UC Irvine announced Monday that its official census for fall enrollment shows 15,874 students--the highest in the 23-year history of the university.

The increase of 735 students was 4.6% over last year’s fall enrollment. “It’s about what we expected,” said Colleen Bentley-Adler, spokeswoman for the university. “We predicted an enrollment a little under 16,000 students.”

It was the 11th straight year UCI enrollment has grown.

Bentley-Adler said the general enrollment figures, not counting 1,082 medical school students, showed there are 7,446 women and 7,346 men. The general enrollment was composed of 13,032 undergraduate and 1,760 graduate students.


“Orange County still accounts for most of the students, but Los Angeles County is close behind,” Bentley-Adler said, but she noted that this fall’s freshman class, for the third straight year, had more Los Angeles County than Orange County students.

The total enrollment by ethnic group showed whites make up 50%; Asians, 30%; Latinos, 7.5%; blacks, 2.5%; American Indian, less than .5%, and about 10% of the students declined to specify.