It’s Clearly Bush--to Texas Bean Poll

United Press International

When it comes to politics, people of this island city know Don Sancho’s Frijole Poll is rarely wrong.

The poll, conducted among customers at Corella’s Corral Mexican Restaurant, has correctly picked winners in the last three presidential elections and in all Galveston mayoral contests since 1973.

At last count--Wednesday--61% of the restaurant’s patrons were selecting Vice President George Bush for victory in the presidential race, while 39% cast beans for Massachusetts Gov. Michael S. Dukakis.

Customers of Manuel and Yolanda Corella have slipped up on the results of only one election in 15 years--and that involved an issue.


The admittedly unscientific poll is overseen by Don Sancho, a lifelike plaster mannequin Corella bought years ago. On a table just inside the restaurant’s door, Sancho monitors two empty wine carafes, into one of which a customer drops a pinto bean signifying his or her choice.

Customers can vote only once each two weeks.