Woo Seeks Funds to Study San Fernando Road Rail Route

Los Angeles City Councilman Mike Woo introduced a motion Friday seeking $150,000 in city transit funds to pay for a study of a light-rail route paralleling San Fernando Road from Sylmar to Union Station.

The City Council sent the proposal to the Transportation and Traffic Committee for review.

The proposal comes nearly a month after the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission voted to study two controversial east-west light-rail routes and a rival plan to extend the Metro Rail subway across the San Fernando Valley.

In so doing, commissioners, who have the final say in route selection, rejected a council recommendation to also study the San Fernando Road route.


The commission has maintained for years that an east-west line has top priority for the San Fernando Valley.

The two east-west trolley routes under study are along the Ventura Freeway from Universal City to Warner Center and along a rail right of way that parallels Chandler and Victory boulevards and Topham Street from North Hollywood to Warner Center. No detailed route has been suggested for a cross-Valley subway.

Woo’s motion directs the city to pay the commission to conduct an environmental review of the San Fernando Road route so it can be considered along with the east-west routes.