Most letters to this part of your newspaper deal with important issues of widespread impact. This one deals with a small, uncommon courtesy that, I believe, deserves a moment of recognition.

Michael Eisner, chairman of Disney Studios, had a helicopter waiting at the Malibu Sheriff's Station one night this past September, with special permission to take off around 9 p.m. Just below the chopper pad on a small patch of parkland, our community theater company was performing "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

Although obviously in a hurry and with pilots and associates equally inconvenienced at substantial expense, Eisner held up the noisy takeoff until the end of the performance rather than disturb the entertainment being shared that evening by around 200 local friends and families.

Was this such a remarkable act, considering that Eisner runs the largest and most famous family-oriented entertainment empire in the world and is undoubtedly extremely sensitive to the image he projects on behalf of that company? You bet it was!

Malibu Summerstage and our audience on that warm September evening under the stars want to publicly thank Eisner for his courtesy and generosity.



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