San Diego

A judge Thursday stayed former San Diego Mayor Roger Hedgecock’s jail sentence and probation terms until his appeal has been heard by the state Supreme Court.

Hedgecock, who was convicted in 1985 of perjury and campaign-law violations, was sentenced to one year in jail, a $1,000 fine, and three years on probation.

The San Diego County Probation Department scheduled the matter before San Diego Superior Court Judge David Gill because they feared a loss of jurisdiction because three years was about to expire since Hedgecock’s felony convictions.

The order by Gill changes nothing in the former mayor’s sentence.


The California Supreme Court will not be hearing arguments on the appeal until early next year, said a court source.

Hedgecock, who appeared for the brief hearing, is now a talk show host on KSDO Radio. He was convicted in a second trial, after a hung jury in his first trial.