CalArts Animators

In his review of UCLA's student animation films, we found some of Charles Solomon's statements about the CalArts animation program offensive and untrue ("Animation 'Vision' at UCLA," Oct. 13).

We do not consider ourselves to be "rivals" of UCLA, nor are we just "geared to preparing studio animators."

While it is true that CalArts has a wonderful character animation department, we are also very proud of our much older and very distinguished motion graphics department run by Jules Engel.

The motion graphics department stresses artistic freedom, individuality and personal vision. Our department has produced many well-respected independent film makers, including Kathy Rose, Dennis Pies, Johanna Priestly, Amy Kravitz, Christine Panushka, Adam Beckett, Joyce Borenstein, Michael Patterson, David Daniels, Liz Bechtold and Howard Better.

Students of the CalArts

Motion Graphics Department


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