Pounding New Metal

Congratulations to Jonathan Gold!!

It's nice to see that someone on the L.A. Times staff realizes that it doesn't have to sound like Bruce Springsteen or U2 to be good.

Metallica has been the king of New Metal for the last four to five years. Despite getting airplay only on KNAC and having no videos on MTV, Metallica is on the verge of having a Top 10 album.

If more critics like Gold listened past that "God-awful noise," as my mother puts it, they would hear that there is meaning to the majority of their songs. They would realize that they weren't telling their fans to go out and kill themselves, worship the devil or go destroy things.

True, not all of Metallica's songs should be taken seriously, but come on now: should people take 15-year-old Debbie Gibson seriously when she sings "I'll Never Love Again"?



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