Sellars Market

Peter Sellars is laughable ("Peter Sellars: Provocateur at the Opera," by Martin Bernheimer, Oct. 23). He's over his ugly hairdo in art offal.

Of course, he's giving up on the core opera repertory--even he can't dream up enough outrageous trash to throw at the perennials that have stood up despite nearly every kind of maltreatment.

Sellars and the kind of chic-tacky "artistes" who did in the visual side of "King Roger" in Long Beach are too self-centered and publicity-voracious to care about the opera. No matter what they protest, it is the hoo-hah that really matters to them.

Caveat emptor.

Enough caring customers leaving wide banks of open seating at performances of Sellars and companies may soon persuade the producers to send the art brats on their way.


San Diego

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