County Elections Promise More Than a Measure of Controversy : Another View of Rep. Robert Dornan

We've heard from the enemies and opponents of Bob Dornan. Now we've even heard from a member of his staff and also his wife. How about hearing from one of his constituents?

As a resident of the 38th Congressional District, I am proud to have Robert K. Dornan representing me in Congress. Bob Dornan is a congressman who truly represents my views, and, I believe, the view of the majority of his constituency. He has served his country and this district well for many years.

So you can print all the lies about this gutsy, feisty congressman you want. Those in his district will have the final say when, we the people, reelect him on Nov. 8!

Kudos to Sallie Dornan for setting the record straight and putting The Times in its place. God bless you, Bob and Sallie Dornan!


Garden Grove

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