County Elections Promise More Than a Measure of Controversy : Fireworks Over Stanton's Measure Z

I oppose your editorial "Fireworks: No on Z" (Oct. 20). I am a victim of the fireworks ban in Anaheim and because of it, my son also misses out on what I consider to be among the most enjoyable times of childhood--having a "blast" on the 4th of July.

The editorial writer describes "the added injury, death, and property damage fireworks of all kinds cause." I hold that to be an unfair generalization, because in all my years using fireworks (from the age of 6), I have used devices of all shapes, sizes and types and never did I sustain any injury worse than a major burn.

Why? Because my parents taught me respect for fire and fireworks, precautions to take to be safe, and common sense not to do anything stupid.

Yet in Anaheim, and the other cities which have bans because of the idiotic, reckless behavior of a few, everyone suffers the loss of the enjoyment of a home-grown, safe, family celebration.

Whey is it, when the topic is AIDS, which is fatal to all, the resounding cry is "Education! Precautions!" yet with fireworks, which only cause harm when misused, the only thought presented is "Ban!"

Perhaps if we transposed these sentiments in our communities we would have more family and patriotism and less epidemic!



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