Culture Fest

I have to pinch myself to realize that the Calendar section is considered by The Times as their cultural section.

If so, it's a sad commentary on the culture of today. It's like a trip through hell.

An exhaustive number of full pages scream their bloody messages. Murders are depicted explicitly, demons reach out at the viewer with claw-like hands and crazed eyes, women are shown on page after page cringing in terror as they are approached by depraved men bent on rape or murder--these are movie pages.

Then come the music pages, filled with young men who look like they escaped from an insane asylum gyrating wildly with long-necked guitars, fright wigs and wild dope-crazed stares, and on they go for page after page.

Then come the art pages, showing some genius who with great "artistic vision" has covered an entire mountain with a tarpaulin.

The perpetrators of this garbage insist they are merely reflecting the times, but one can't help but think they first start the trend themselves then perpetuate the offense by making sure the offenders never run out of publicity.

No wonder dope, acid rock, crime and Satan worship are rampant in our society. Take a bow, Calendar, for your contribution!


West Los Angeles

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