Metal Woman

I am a 19-year-old girl who listens to bands like Anthrax, the Sex Pistols and Metallica. To this date, I have not killed an animal, joined a satanic cult or attempted suicide.

People like John Reiland (Calendar Letters, Oct. 30) really frustrate me by thinking that music or any other form of entertainment can actually drive people to commit suicide and/or murder. I suppose this line of thinking also would assume that the Beatles were responsible for the Manson family's actions in 1969?!

To me, Metallica's lyrics are intelligent and thought-provoking. It is refreshing (from a female point of view) to know that not all musicians are obsessed with sex, partying, etc.

I do think about things like death, politics and religion; in a society where Tiffany and Michael Jackson dominate the music charts, I guess I am strange.


Simi Valley

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