San Diego County Candidates

Municipal Court

Office 13--Frank Brown

San Diego Unified School District Board

District A--Ann Armstrong

District D--Susan Davis

District E--Shirley Weber

San Diego Community Colleges Board

District B--Fred Colby

District D--Evonne Schulze

San Diego City Measures

Prop. D: District elections--YES

Prop. F: Police Review Commission--YES

Prop. G: Civilian Review Commission on Police Practices--YES

Prop. H: City Council's growth-management plan--NO

Prop. J: Citizens' quality-of-life initiative--YES

San Diego County Measures

Prop. A: Gann spending-limit waiver--YES

Prop. B: Sensitive-lands and growth-control ordinance--YES

Prop. C: Regional planning and growth control (advisory)--YES

Prop. D: Rural-preservation and traffic-control initiative--NO

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