Food Scare Tactics

Allan Parachini's article on the pitfalls of eating sushi has certainly been taken to heart ("At Last, the Raw Truth About a Hidden Peril of Sushi," Nov. 3). In one fell swoop, you have temporarily eliminated the healthiest and cleanest food from the menu of many Angelinos. Scare tactics used by your newspaper and the television media were irresponsible journalism.

Your suggestion that the public health is in severe jeopardy if people continue eating sushi is, in my opinion, Japanese bashing. I would imagine more people died from parakeet bites last month than those who became ill from a still unseen (by me or any of my customers) parasite. Fifty instances in 30 years? How many of those were mothers preparing gefilte fish and tasting the raw salmon before they cooked it?

I've been in business for 10 years and have never seen nor heard of anyone seeing such an alien in his/her food. Don't take an exit poll, but how many diners do you think aren't going to feel well after eating Mexican food in Los Angeles this week?


Hana Sushi restaurant

West Los Angeles

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