Traffic Congestion

It is no secret that the "gridlock" Southern California traffic abomination is of major concern to everyone. Adding insult to injury, Park Abrams Development Co. is permitted to construct a shopping center at the already congested corner of El Toro Road and Avenida de la Carlota, practically at the entrance to the freeway.

It is quite difficult to have a traffic light installed at many vital intersections, yet this company was permitted to have a new street (Plaza Lane) entrance with a traffic light.

I cringe at the thought of the impact on this already existing traffic problem.

It is time to name names of those responsible for such outrageous action.

The situation would not have materialized if the public had prior knowledge of the intended construction.

Public officials and politicians must be accountable for their decisions and actions. This knowledge and the names of all principals involved will make it easier for citizens to evaluate the performance of our elected officials and facilitate our voting selection at the polls.


Laguna Hills

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