Rhino Guard for Rambo

<i> Compiled by the Fashion 88 staff </i>

We hear Sylvester Stallone visited Tops gallery in Malibu, spotted a huge stuffed rhinoceros by New Mexico artist Mary Bowman and ordered one for himself. He wanted it dressed in a white shirt, a fish-decorated tie and a Hugo Boss suit--all castoffs from his own closet, according to Molly Hawks who works at Tops. How would she describe Stallone’s 6-feet, 4-inch, upright rhino in a pin-stripe suit? “Real clean cut. He looks like a man. Maybe a bodyguard.”

Outfit Scores Touchdown

Browsing at Fred Segal on Melrose Avenue recently, we spotted L.A. Raiders running back Marcus Allen having lunch in the store’s restaurant. Sorry we can’t report what he was eating to keep in shape. We were too busy checking out his clothes: a black T-shirt worn with a great pair of black-and-white sweat-style knit pants by Japanese designer Issey Miyake. Where did Allen buy those cool threads? The same place he was having lunch, albeit some time ago, we were told by menswear manager George Grimball.

Brat Pack Gets Spiffy


A stylist, who borrowed clothes from Sami Dinar for Men in Beverly Hills, called to say she was having a problem. She couldn’t get actors Charlie Sheen and Rob Lowe or photographer Greg Gorman to part with the outfits selected for a photo shoot. No problem, as they say in the business. Dinar took cash and credit cards instead, and tells us Gorman wore his new silk-charmeuse suit, by Emil Rutenberg, to a party at Bette Midler’s house. Sheen was keen on a geometric-pattern, wool-and-cashmere sport coat by Hilton, the Italian firm. Lowe, it seems, went for the max: a Leon Max cotton top, jacket and oversize pants.

Sleeper Gift of the Season

Rocker Phil Collins, currently in “Buster,” shopped at Diane Merrick on Melrose Avenue for the store’s best-selling Christmas gift. It’s classic white cotton pajamas with a customized monogram in black. Collins ordered the p.j.'s with his own initials on the chest. But shop owner Merrick says “dozens and dozens of top stars in town, male and female” are slated to find these p.j.'s under their Christmas trees. Merrick knows, because she took the monogram orders from the stars’ agents and friends. We can’t reveal who will get them, ‘cause we don’t want to spoil the fun. The pajamas are $55 per pair.

Puppy Love


Your pet-crazed friends might adore to find a matched set of sweaters under the Christmas tree--one for mommy, one for her four-footed best friend. The sweaters we saw are oversize acrylic knits in pink, royal blue, white or red, with a pattern of either paws or doggie bones knitted right in. The pet-parent sweater is $50; the matching doggie-size, $20. And you can get the same patterns and colors on a matched leash and collar, at $36 per set. It’s all available at Camp Almont, a chic pet-pampering place in Beverly Hills.

Water on the Wrist

We received in the mail a Fluid Fossil. It’s a watch with a thin purple liquid that covers the hands and face, and it has some old gears and a second hand floating in the fluid. It looked broken. So we called Barney Rubble at his Fossil firm in Texas to ask what gives. “It’s supposed to look broken,” Rubble explained, as if we were hopelessly retarded. “We want to give the illusion that it’s fallen apart and that all the pieces are floating.” In fact, he said, his broken-look watches are such a sellout that there are no more left in his warehouse to ship. The fluid is trapped between two waterproof crystals, so none of it spills out or touches the working timepiece. The spring version of this watch, for those who care, will have water, white sand, an old beer can and an old tire floating in it--all in miniature, of course.

Good Sports


Go Sport International, the French-based corporation that specializes in trendy activewear, celebrated the recent opening of its Glendale Galleria store with a series of celebrity events. In the spotlight on different days were Sinjin Smith, top ranking volleyball player, Lakers whiz Magic Johnson and Olympic gold-medal swimmer Matt Biondi. According to a Go Sport spokesperson, 400 people waited in line for Johnson’s autograph, making him the most popular celeb. He also gave high-fives to the kids and told them not to do drugs. Meanwhile in Century City, at Go Sport’s only other store in the United States, more of the city’s famous were spotted. Listen hears Shari Belafonte-Harper bought skiwear. Cher checked out chic clothes for the slopes but needed time to think. She asked to have a few things put on hold.

Turner’s Mane Change

Is this the new Tina Turner? Listen hears the singer was conservatively dressed in a black wool pantsuit for a little birthday lunch for her recently at the Four Oaks restaurant in Bel-Air. And you wouldn’t recognize her hair. Owner Catherine Blanchard tells us, “It wasn’t spiky. She just wore it down.” But Turner did leave with a flourish. She gave the maitre d’ a kiss.