Films now going into production:

Compiled by David Pecchia

The Karate Kid Part III (Columbia). Shooting in Los Angeles. Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita and director John G. Avildsen return for some high-kicking sentiment. This time the student and teacher have a parting of the ways and Macchio is led astray by a rival master. Executive producer Sheldon Schrager. Producer Jerry Weintraub. Screenwriters Robert Mark Kamen. Also stars Martin Kove, Robyn Lively and Thomas Ian Griffith. Summer release.

The Package (Camhe/Haggerty). Shooting in Chicago. Gene Hackman, Veronica Hamel, Tommy Lee Jones and John Heard star in a political thriller set against the backdrop of glasnost. Executive producer Arne Schmidt. Producers Beverly Camhe and Toby Hagerty. Director Andrew Davis. Screenwriter John Bishop. Distributor Orion. Summer release.

The Stepfather Pt. II (Part II). Shooting in Southern California. Terry O'Quinn, who portrayed the vicious chameleon-like mass murderer of the original, is back. Though he was killed off in the first one, he nonetheless returns to find a new neighborhood and family to settle into. Executive producer Carol Lampman. Producers Darin Scott and William Burr. Director Jeff Burr. Screenwriter John Auerbach.

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