Holiday Help

This letter is to express our gratitude to the proprietor of Sushi Boy located in West Los Angeles on San Vicente. Because of his generosity and kindness we were able to spend Christmas with my family in Palm Springs.

On Christmas Eve the windshield wipers on our rented car gave out during rush hour on the Santa Monica Freeway. After being towed off the freeway we wandered around in the rain looking for a phone that worked and a telephone book. We went into Sushi Boy to borrow a phone book only to discover most car rentals were closed for the holidays.

Finally with the owner’s help we contacted a Budget rental that was open near LAX. He refused to allow us to take a taxi. Instead he insisted on taking us there himself. When we offered to reimburse him for the time and cost of taking us on Christmas Eve he shook his head and said Merry Christmas. After driving us back to the towed car and helping us unpack presents and luggage he took us to Budget and waited for us to rent a second car.

Nearly three hours after the breakdown we were on our way again. We will always remember this man and his family and how they truly embodied the spirit of Christmas.




Santa Barbara