Local News in Brief : AIDS Testing Clinic Obtains Insurance

Malpractice insurance has been obtained to allow continued operation at the Hollywood health clinic of the Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center, a major provider of AIDS testing that was threatened with closure.

The agency’s Edelman Health Center shut down for three days in December after the Lexington Insurance Co. pulled its coverage of AIDS-related services. The doors reopened after Lexington agreed to extend the coverage another month after a personal request by Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley.

Bradley announced Tuesday that malpractice coverage would now be provided by Clinic Mutual of Pasadena, a risk-sharing group formed by other community health clinics faced with high malpractice premiums from commercial insurers.

The Edelman Health Center provides anonymous testing for the human immunodeficiency virus linked to AIDS, services for people infected with the virus and treatment of other sexually transmitted diseases under contracts with the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services.


It also provides AIDS prevention services.