El Cajon

There are no suspects in Monday night’s bombing at Parkway Plaza mall, El Cajon police said Tuesday.

Mall maintenance worker Dean D. Byrnes, 47, of El Cajon picked up a toothpaste box from a bench about 7:30 p.m. and the box exploded in his hand, police said. The box was inside the hallway of an employee exit, which leads into the mall’s trash-collection area. Byrnes was not injured.

Management officials evacuated hundreds of people and brought in the sheriff’s arson/explosives unit, including three bomb-sniffing dogs. No other devices were found during a three-hour search.


Marketing director Cherilyn Megill said Tuesday that she feels the explosion was an “isolated incident, a prank” and that the mall will not undertake additional security measures.

“It’s back to normal now,” she said.

Megill described the explosive as “basically a large firecracker.”