Infant Abandoned on Simi Valley Doorstep

Police on Sunday were seeking information about a newborn who was abandoned at the front door of a Simi Valley home.

The one- or two-day-old boy, wearing a T-shirt and diaper and wrapped in a towel, was left at the home of Valerie Carrillo on Chandler Avenue about noon Saturday, Carrillo told police. She said her son, John, 15, found the infant when he answered the doorbell.

Carrillo said the baby looks healthy, weighs about 7 pounds and has dark hair. His umbilical cord seems to have been cut with scissors and not clamped, she said.

The infant appears to be a full-term baby that was not delivered in a hospital, said Sgt. Neal Rein of the Simi Valley Police Department. The baby was admitted to Simi Valley Adventist Hospital for observation, where he was in stable condition Sunday night, hospital officials said.


“We were just thankful that we were home,” said Carrillo, an engineering technician. “It was a shock to open up and see something so special on the doorstep. . . . You always hear about it, but you don’t ever think it’s going to happen to you.”