After thinking over the punch that he...

After thinking over the punch that he threw at a Cincinnati Bengals player Sunday, Buffalo Bills cornerback Derrick Burroughs has apologized.

“I lost my temper at a crucial time. The way I acted was unnecessary,” Burroughs told Buffalo reporters, speaking to them for the first time this season.

The incident, which resulted in Burroughs’ ejection, was one of the key plays in the Bengals’ 21-10 victory in the American Football Conference championship game.

Burroughs’ penalty, for punching Bengal receiver Tim McGee, came with the Bengals leading in the third quarter, 14-10. It gave the Bengals first and goal at the Buffalo 4-yard line instead of third and goal at the 8. Two plays later, Ickey Woods scored.


Said Burroughs: “I guess Derrick Burroughs has a little more maturing to do before he’s a complete ballplayer.”