Pasadena Tournament of Roses Marks Its Centennial Festival

Thank you for the article detailing the crucial role of amateur radio operators at the Rose Parade. I hope it will give some new insight to those people who only think of ham radio operators as people with funny antennas on their cars and houses.

As a relatively new member of the ham fraternity/sorority, I am still amazed at some of the activities hams get involved in, from public service and disaster communication, to relaying Christmas greetings around the world, to communicating via special amateur radio satellites, and even bouncing radio signals off the moon and back to Earth.

However, as opposed to " . . . (investing) up to two years and $800 or more buying radio gear,” I obtained my Novice Class radio license after seven weeks of study and purchased a new radio for around $350. Used equipment is also available at substantially lower prices.



Fountain Valley