Local News in Brief : Costa Mesa : Police Seek Suspect in Triangle Slaying

An arrest warrant has been issued for Roberto Tovar Ramirez, 38, in the Dec. 26 shooting death of a man in what appeared to be a lovers’ triangle, police said.

Jeremias Diaz Delacruz, 41, of Garden Grove was shot to death while driving a van along the 3500 block of Cadillac Avenue. Costa Mesa police said shots were fired by the driver of a car, who then fled.

There were three passengers in Delacruz’s van, none of whom were able to help police identify the assailant. None speaks English.

Costa Mesa Police Capt. Robert Moody said detectives later learned that Delacruz had chased the other driver down Harbor Boulevard and both vehicles then turned onto Cadillac Avenue.


“Delacruz got out of his van and then was shot to death by the other driver,” Moody said.

“After some investigation, we found that the driver of the other car had Delacruz’s wife in his vehicle that afternoon,” he said.

“Delacruz saw them at a signal light on Harbor Boulevard and chased them. It was that old triangle thing.”

Moody said a warrant has been issued for Ramirez’s arrest on suspicion of murder. Ramirez lives in Colton. Investigators are also seeking the slain man’s wife, Davila Graciela Delacruz, 40, for questioning, he said.