Tough Guys Come Home

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It’s slam-bang time on the Billboard magazine video rental chart. The big action-adventure hits from last summer are just out on home video and could dominate the Top 5 for a while. “Die Hard,” with Bruce Willis dodging terrorists in a Century City high-rise, debuted at No. 3. “The Dead Pool"--featuring Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry chasing a crazed killer in San Francisco--muscled its way to No. 5. “The Presidio,” with Sean Connery and Mark Harmon chasing smugglers--also in San Francisco--entered at No. 6.

* “Bull Durham,” the sexy baseball comedy starring Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon, was a hit at the box office ($50 million gross) and could do bang-up business in the rental market. It debuted at No. 10 but look for it to crash the Top 5.


Rental Weeks Sales Top Ranking On Rental Chart Rentals Last Week Chart Ranking 1."Young Guns” 1 4 ... (Vestron) 2."Red Heat” 2 5 ... (IVE) 3."Die Hard” ... 1 ... (CBS-Fox) 4."Three Men and a Baby” 3 12 ... (Touchstone) 5."The Dead Pool” 39 2 ... (Warner) *"Bull Durham” ... 1 ... (Orion)