Renters Go for the Gore

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This is the real first--an all macho ‘n’ mayhem Top 5 on the Billboard magazine rental chart. The amusing “Three Men and a Baby"--Top 5 for the last three months--was finally muscled out, dropping to No. 6. Four of the five are ultra-violent, contemporary, urban cop dramas. Second-ranked “Young Guns” also boasts a high corpse-count but it’s set in the Old West. Newcomer “Bull Durham” (No. 8)--a kindly romantic comedy-- (No. 8) may have a tough time cracking this hard-boiled Top 5.

* “Bloodsport” figured to be just a cult hit--strictly for the martial-arts crowd--despite a respectable $12-million gross. But it’s climbed to No. 12 on the rental chart, indicating that general action fans are turning on to it too.


Rental Weeks Sales Top Ranking On Rental Chart Rentals Last Week Chart Ranking 1.'Die Hard” 3 2 ... (CBS-Fox) 2."Young Guns” 1 5 ... (Vestron) 3."The Dead Pool” 5 3 ... (Warner) 4."Red Heat” 2 6 ... (IVE) 5."The Presidio” 6 2 ... (Paramount) *"Bloodsport” 17 7 ... (Warner)