Surfers Wary After Report of Big Shark

From Associated Press

Surfers were on the lookout during the holiday weekend for a great white shark at least 15 feet long that twice was spotted about 300 yards off shore.

After a fisherman claimed to have seen it, Tim Morley of the Santa Cruz harbor master's office spotted it off Lighthouse Point.

Morley said he went out off Lighthouse Point in a 15-foot boat and the shark was longer than the boat. He was no more than eight feet from the shark, which he said "kind of rolled over and looked at me with his big, black eye."

Lifeguards told surfers here about Friday's sighting throughout the weekend, but there was no official warning and beaches were not closed. The word-of-mouth story didn't appear to dissuade most surfers from hitting the waves.

Great whites have also recently been causing concern in Southern California.

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