LOCAL : Teacher Wrestles Loaded Gun From Boy, 13, in La Crescenta

From Times wire services

A 13-year-old boy pointed a loaded gun at a junior high school teacher this morning in a classroom filled with students who watched as the teacher grabbed the teen-ager and wrested the .357 magnum pistol from him.

No one was hurt when the boy confronted teacher Allen Eberhart at Rosemont Junior High School in La Crescenta, said Deputy Van Mosley of the Sheriff's Information Bureau.

In the 10:30 a.m. incident, the youth walked into a class in mid-session and expressed his anger against Eberhart, 32, a faculty adviser of the school's yearbook, for banning his photograph from the volume.

Mosley said the suspect's picture was taken while the boy was wearing a sweater imprinted with the words "Anarchy Now."

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