San Gabriel : Recall Election Date Set

The City Council has set May 23 as the date for a recall election regarding Vice Mayor Frank Blaszcak.

The Council's action came after more than 3,000 signatures of San Gabriel voters on recall petitions were certified by the county registrar-recorder. The petitioners say that Blaszcak, who was elected last April, has misused the powers of his office.

Blaszcak angered his critics by buying a $2,100 portable telephone at city expense and by making nocturnal visits to City Hall, which they considered improper. Blaszcak has returned the telephone and has insisted that his City Hall visits were solely to pick up his mail.

Blaszcak, charging that the recall drive was based on lies and misrepresentations, has challenged Dorothy Schneider, the longtime San Gabriel resident who organized the recall campaign, to a public debate. "It's the American way to be able to face your accusers," he said.

Schneider said Wednesday that she would not debate Blaszcak. "If he wants a debate, he can debate anybody he wants to," she said. "I'm certainly not going to debate him. Facts are facts." She said the issues had been discussed "too much" in the press and in the City Council.

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