Clipboard researched by Kathie Bozanich, Susan Davis Greene and Rick VanderKnyff / Los Angeles Times; Graphics by Doris Shields / Los Angeles Times

Following is a list of the six most severe air pollution penalties assessed by the South Coast Air Quality Management District in December. Company: Mission Custom Shutter, Santa Ana Penalty: $3,000 Violation: Spraying paint that landed on neighboring property. Company: Feature Manufacturing Inc. Orange Penalty: $2,100 Violation: Failure to keep records on painting operations. Company: AMI Medical Center of Garden Grove Penalty: $1,200 Violation: Failure to obtain permits to operate boilers. Company: Separation & Recovery Systems, Irvine Penalty: $800 Violation: Excess volatile organic compound emissions from its painting operation. Company: Arrowhead Product Division of Vespar, Inc. Los Alamitos Penalty: $700 Violation: Using solvent contrary to permit conditions Company: Jim Anderson, ARCO dealer, Huntington Beach Penalty: $500 Violation: Failure to properly maintain gasoline vapor recovery equipment at a service station.

Source: South Coast Air Quality Management District

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