Says Flyers Mislead Burbank Voters : Hastings Assails Foes’ Election Mailers

Times Staff Writer

Burbank Councilman Michael R. Hastings on Monday criticized a council colleague and two unions representing city employees, accusing them of sending out misleading mailers in an effort to defeat him in today’s municipal election.

Hastings, 35, an advertising executive running for a second term, said Councilwoman Mary Lou Howard has joined forces with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 15 and the Burbank Fire Fighters Local 778 in mailing out brochures over the weekend that distorted his views.

“The Mary Lou Howard political machine is trying to take over this city,” Hastings said in a news conference outside Burbank City Hall.

Hastings is one of 14 candidates for three seats on the council. Howard is not seeking reelection.


A flyer sent out by Howard’s political action committee detailed a planned-growth ordinance she wrote that is on the ballot. It calls Hastings the measure’s most vocal critic. Hastings said he supports the ordinance but that it is not restrictive enough.

The union mailers urged residents not to vote for Hastings and incumbent Mary E. Kelsey. They ask residents to support Mayor Al F. Dossin and challengers Thomas Flavin and Tim Murphy.

The IBEW mailer said Hastings and Kelsey feel they are owed union endorsements because they supported raises for city employees. “Our endorsement is not for sale,” the mailer said.

The firefighters union criticized Hastings for being backed by developers and real estate agents and Kelsey for opposing the planned-growth ordinance.


Hastings has won endorsements of the Burbank Board of Realtors and the Southern California Caucus, a political action committee made up of developers and other business people. But he said he is not controlled by developers despite their contributions to him.