English-Only Movement

I am a true liberal and I am on the mailing list of every liberal cause in this country. Many of the liberal causes have been bashed in the last 10 years very effectively by the conservatives.

However, I do not agree at all with Nichols that English as the official language means a subtle but no less dangerous strain of prejudice against foreigners. When I decided to emigrate back in 1949, the first order of business was to learn English. I feel that we owe this country the courtesy to learn, to know and to recognize English as the official language. We have here freedoms of which other citizens of other countries can’t even dream about and recognizing English as the official language does not curtail any of those freedoms.

Nichols should worry about David Duke, the Klan chief elected to the Louisiana legislature, and that the Nazi Party gained 11 seats in the Berlin legislature.

Those problems should occupy the time and mind of every fair-minded person in the world and not the non-issue she writes about.