Gervin’s Financial Woes Mount After Drug Incident

From Associated Press

Former San Antonio Spurs star George (The Iceman) Gervin’s financial troubles have begun to mount in the wake of a reported incident with drugs that police investigated as an apparent overdose, the San Antonio Light reported today.

A police report of the Saturday incident stated that Gervin, taken by ambulance to Methodist Hospital, told the investigating officer that he snorted what he “thought was cocaine” and later said he did not know what it was that he put up his nose.

He also told the officer he did not want to commit suicide.

Meanwhile, the 36-year-old Gervin told the San Antonio Express-News that he was fine.


“Just let it go,” Gervin told the Express-News. “I’m just living my life and trying to have a good one. . . . I’m fine. Everything’s fine.”

But the San Antonio Light reported today that Gervin’s troubles are mounting because no acceptable arrangements have been made to bring loan payments up to date.

Gervin and his wife, Joyce, have a $23,000 loan from Murray Savings of Dallas, which holds a mechanic’s lien, Real Estate Foreclosures Inc. reported. The 1988 appraised value of his 3,100-square-foot home is $177,200, according to Bexar County tax records.

Murray officials told the Light that it will accept only full payment of the remaining amount due on the loan or the property will be sold at the regularly monthly foreclosure auction Tuesday.


His wife is seeking a second divorce from the former NBA All-Star, the Light reported.