Dodger Notebook : Randolph Silent on Alleged Yankee Drinking

Times Staff Writer

So, Rickey Henderson says the New York Yankees had a drinking problem?

That’s OK with Willie Randolph. For the first time in 14 seasons in the big leagues, the Yankees aren’t his problem anymore. Let Steve Sax pass out the straws to stir the drinks.

“I don’t care to comment about that,” Randolph said Wednesday when asked to respond to Henderson’s published comments that the Yankees had an alcohol problem, especially on team flights, which inspired the New York Post to call them “The Bronx Boozers.”

“It’s no concern of mine,” Randolph said. “After being with the Yankees and now coming over here, I’m not involved with what’s going on over there. That’s not where my head is at.”


Randolph was the Yankees’ captain, and even when it was suggested that Henderson implicated him with his comments, the second baseman still refused to be drawn in.

“I guess everyone’s implicated,” Randolph said. “But I don’t think I have to defend my reputation.”

Dodger Notes

The Dodgers reached contract terms with outfielder Mike Devereaux and pitcher Ramon Martinez Wednesday, leaving pitchers Tim Belcher and Tim Crews as the only unsigned players on the big league roster. Belcher is seeking more than the $212,000 that the Dodgers signed Orel Hershiser for in his second season, and Crews is believed to be seeking a contract in the $150,000 range.