Creative ‘Subversion’

“Our goal is to produce architects who are truly artists and inherently subversive. They must constantly try to redefine old territory and define new ground. This is the fundamental responsibility of the creative person.”

So says Michael Rotondi on post cards, in brochures and in speeches and interviews promoting the Southern California Institute of Architecture, of which he assumed the directorship last year.

Rotondi recognizes, however, that the school, to finance its continuing search of itself and new forms, must reach out to the less subversive community.

With that very much in mind, the school has revamped and expanded its board of directors to include persons from beyond SCIARC’s walls, albeit sympathetic to its goals. Among those recently appointed to the “director’s circle” are architects Frank Gehry, Kurt Meyer and Dan Dworsky, city cultural affairs commissioner Merry Norris and restaurateur and film producer Tony Bill.

The Santa Monica-based institution of 400 students and 60 faculty also has begun an associate’s program, under which donors can attend lectures and exhibits and generally take part in the life of the school--without the worry of having to submit drawings and being graded. Those interested are asked to contact the school at 213/829 3482.