Sweet Named Athletic Director at El Dorado

Carl Sweet, football coach at El Dorado High School, has been named the school’s athletic director.

He replaces Norm Parker, who resigned in January.

Sweet, five-year veteran coach at El Dorado, will take over his new job in September but is uncertain whether he will be allowed to continue coaching. Athletic directors are not allowed to coach under a Placentia Unified School District policy.

“Right now, I’m still the coach,” Sweet said. “I’m running the off-season weight program and have already met with the boosters. I still want to coach, and will continue to do so until told otherwise.


“Our principal has put in a proposal to the district that would allow me to coach and serve as the athletic director.

“I knew the situation before I applied. Becoming an athletic director is something I wanted to do. Who knows? I could be the varsity coach, somewhere in between or not coaching at all next year. It’s out of my hands.”