National Education’s President Resigns Over His Prospects at Firm

Seeing that he would not likely take over operational control in the near future, Jerome W. Cwiertnia said Thursday that he has resigned as president and a director of National Education Corp., a vocational and industrial training and educational publishing company in Irvine.

Cwiertnia, who has been with NEC for 10 years, said he will remain a consultant to the company for an indefinite period to help with corporate development and government affairs.

H. David Bright, 54, the company’s chairman and chief executive, assumed the president’s title.

“I was really the chief administrative officer,” Cwiertnia, 48, said. “David and I have talked about this before. He’s only a few years older and plans on staying with the company. I wouldn’t be taking over anytime soon.


“I figured it’s a time in my life to move on,” he said. “My career needs a change. After all, that’s how I got to NEC in the first place from my previous job.”

Bright is a hands-on executive, Cwiertnia said, so there was little room for another executive who wants to be a hands-on operator.

Cwiertnia said he is not yet negotiating for a position with any other firm.