These 13 candidates are running for three at-large seats in the April 4 Glendale City Council election. JOE AYVAZI Wants to plan city’s future growth so developers “know what to expect.” Opposes low-quality construction that lowers value of Glendale real estate. Would launch “Light Rail Task Force.”

Background: 57. Owns Glendale branch of Century 21 real estate firm. Developer.

Endorsements: Glendale-Verdugo Republican Assembly, Armenian National Committee.

GINGER BREMBERG Wants to complete some of her “pet” projects: traffic control management programs, zoning reforms to control residential growth, city trash recycling program. Continue managed growth in redevelopment area.


Background: 63. City Council member, 1981-89; mayor, 1983-84 and 1987-88. Member, California Waste Management Board and National Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, 1984-88. President, L.A. County Division of League of California Cities, 1987-89.

Endorsements: Glendale-Verdugo Republican Assembly, Glendale Police Assn., Glendale Fire Fighters Assn.

RICHARD DIRADOURIAN Self-proclaimed slow-growth candidate. Warns that the present moratorium on apartment buildings does not address commercial expansion, which he would like to reduce. Chastised City Council in November for adopting the moratorium.

Background: 40. Architect, owns firm in Glendale.


ED DORRIS Fighting crime top priority. Would like to improve Glendale police pension plan and minority hiring policies. Believes that managed growth of commercial district would generate tax revenues to maintain the city’s quality of life.

Background: 55. Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy, 1958-79. Alternate delegate, Los Angeles County Republican Central Committee, 1st Assembly District.

Endorsement: L.A. County Professional Peace Officers Assn.

SHIRLEY GRIFFIN Criticizes City Council for not cleaning Scholl Canyon landfill waste site fast enough. Wants to “preserve traditional Glendale” by increasing police force and restricting residential growth.


Background: 50. Member, Glendale Hills Coordinating Council.

DICK JUTRAS Claims he’s the challenger with most experience in city government. Agrees with incumbents’ philosophy on growth and traffic management. Says council would be more effective with a “team player” like himself.

Background: 49. Planning Commission, 1980-86. Chairman, Ad-Hoc Zoning Change (Moratorium) Committee. Co-chairman, Transportation Management Assn. Formation Committee. Vice president, Verdugo Club. President, Glendale Chamber of Commerce, 1986-87. Chairman, Traffic and Transportation Committee, Glendale Partners.

Endorsement: Glendale News-Press.


BERDJ KARAPETIAN Would push for creation of a Senior Citizens Commission. Campaigned to involve minorities and south Glendale residents in local politics. Would halt downtown development for 20 years to prevent overgrowth. Would encourage developers to work with school district to ease classroom overcrowding.

Background: 32. Owns public relations firm. Armenian National Committee executive director, 1984-88. Spokesman, Fair Growth Coalition, 1988. Legislative aide to Rep. Matthew Martinez (D-Montebello), 1983. Student body president Cal State Los Angeles, 1979.

Endorsement: Armenian National Committee.

RICHARD MATTHEWS Says he will bring strong leadership and “family values” to City Council. Proposes moving election from April to November to improve voter turnout.


Background: 50. Vice president, Carnation Co.

Endorsements: Glendale Police Assn., Glendale Fire Fighters Assn.

CARL RAGGIO Takes credit for preserving Glendale’s quality of life while serving on City Council. Would like to integrate Glendale, Pasadena and Burbank through light-rail system. Supports planned growth of redevelopment district.

Background: 60. Managing engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory; City Council member, 1985-89. Member, Glendale Board of Education, 1973-85, and Glendale Community College board, 1973-81. Member, Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority.


Endorsements: Glendale-Verdugo Republican Assembly, Glendale Police Assn., Glendale Fire Fighters Assn.

RICHARD SEELEY Would put all new development to “a majority vote of the people.” Favors creating an incinerator to burn disposable waste and expanding city recycling program.

Background: 58. Self-employed landscaper.

GARY SIGLAR Two highest priorities are finding solutions to school overcrowding and the escalation of crime. Would work to preserve Glendale’s historic landmarks.


Background: 49. Chief, forensic science laboratories, Los Angeles County.

NIDA SOLANA BROWN Faults present council for not listening to constituents. Presses for more senior citizen housing problems and creation of older adults board.

Background: 54. Estate attorney, private practice in Glendale. Member, Glendale Planning Commission, 1984-86, and Board of Zoning Adjustments, 1976-84. Former Glendale and Los Angeles judge pro tem. Director, Verdugo Hills Hospice.

Endorsement: Outgoing Councilman John F. Day.


ROBIN WESTMILLER Would create five council districts to diversify city representation, broadcast council meetings on cable TV, expand B-Line and bring light-rail system to the city.

Background: 35. Owner, part-time home consulting business. Member, Human Relations Council, 1987-89.