This week’s big video release is “Big” (CBS/Fox, $89.95, PG). Following by a week the video release of another Tom Hanks picture, “Punchline,” this comedy-fantasy is about a boy who wishes himself into adulthood, carrying his pubescent mind along for the wild ride. “Funny, warm, sophisticated and highly imaginative,” wrote Kevin Thomas in The Times. Also highly successful, with a $111 million box-office gross.

Many fans of director Costa-Gavras felt betrayed by “Betrayed” (MGM/UA, $89.95, R)--or at least disappointed. This time his political interests centered on white supremacists in America’s heartland, as conveyed in a script by Joe Eszterhas (“Flashdance”). “The result,” wrote Sheila Benson in The Times, “is a loosening of the trademark Costa-Gavras tension,” though she found Debra Winger’s performance as an FBI agent “warm” and “believable.”

Federico Fellini’s first two films, “Variety Lights” (co-directed by Alberto Lattuada) and “The White Sheik” are being released this week, after rescheduling, by Connoisseur Video for $59.95 each. The same company also has Michelangelo Antonioni’s “The Eclipse” and Kaneto Shindo’s “Onibaba” for $79.95 each.



Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit video isn’t the only one. “The Fashion Report Swimsuit Edition” (Twin Tower, $14.95) is a 45-minute tape hyped as “the new swimsuit video that even women can enjoy.”

Body and mind come into play in “Positively Yoga” (Hay House, $24.95, 62 minutes). Information: (213) 394-7445.