Hot Topic responses gathered by Kimberly Carter, Angela Conner, John Doney, Jenny Kaplan, Lynda Kim, Kyra Kirkwood, Stephan Lee, Jason Loeb, Monica Neal, Heather Orey, Hai Pham, Jeff Santelli, Jana Swail and Ed White

Surveys have shown that playing the lottery and other types of gambling are common among high school students. Hot Topics wonders: “Have you ever wagered money, and if so, on what?”

“I wagered a dollar on a football game when I was 11 and lost. That ended my gambling career.”

Lance Huddleston, 18, senior, Cypress

“I would, but I’m not old enough.”


Mike Buelow, 14, freshman, Cypress

“Horse racing--I lost money. I feel that it taught me a lesson because now I have no desire to try again.”

Marc de Noon, 18, senior, Cypress

“I have bet on who killed who on soap operas.”


Beth Ellison, 18, senior, Esperanza

“Yes, anything from professional to high school sports. Whether it is a male or female sport, I’ll find room for a bet.”

Tyler Hilbert, 17, junior, Estancia

“I will start playing Lotto in hopes of getting money for college.”

Steve Quis, 18, senior, Fullerton

“No, I don’t have the money to waste.”

Jason Leight, 16, junior, Fullerton

“I’ve gambled at Las Vegas and Gold Mine and Lake Tahoe with the slot machines and I’ve played poker before.”


Michelle Van Velzer, 18, senior, Laguna Beach

“I used to play poker for M & Ms when I was 8.”

Megan Weiss, 14, freshman, Laguna Beach

“I play poker with my friends a couple times a month. Not much money is involved, just enough to keep it interesting. I also get involved in athletic pools whenever major tournaments come up.”

Tony Gibney, 18, senior, Laguna Hills

“I play Lotto all the time and betting on boxing is always a good idea.”

Chris English, 17, senior, Laguna Hills

“Just gentlemen’s bets. Of course, there was the bet against three different people that the Bengals would win the Super Bowl--I lost 76 cents.”


Marrianne Marshall, 16, sophomore, Laguna Hills

“Although there have been many times that I have wanted to bet on a game, I have never wagered any money on anything. In hindsight, I was glad that I had not (as) many times I would have lost.”

Bill Norris, 17, senior, Loara

“I have never gambled, not because I think it’s wrong but because I value my money too much.”

Melinda Felice, 16, sophomore, Loara

“I once bet my friend $10 that I could shoot a fly 2 miles away with a pea shooter.”

Nathan Manczarek, 18, senior, Loara

“I won $50 when I bet on the 1988 World Series.”

Dao Nguyen, 15, junior, Marina

“Everybody does. Almost everybody bets money on something.”

Deanna Perez, 17, senior, Orange

“I sneak a spin on the slot machines when I’m in Las Vegas. I won a couple of nickels.”

Linda Tesoriero, 17, senior, Orange

“I have made bets on sporting events but only with friends at school; also, we’ve never bet more than a couple of dollars on each event.”

John Schneider, 18, senior, Valencia

“Yes, anything from Sunday football games to Lotto.”

Pat Walters, 15, freshman, Valencia

“No, but I did a football pool once--I lost.”

Holly Deibel, 17, senior, Villa Park

“Yes, on horse racing, jai alai and poker.”

Jennifer Beesley, 17, senior, Villa Park

“When I was playing cards, I lost all my money and didn’t have one penny to my name.”

Jennifer Gouge, 15, sophomore, Western

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