Discount Brokers

We real estate agents are not all alike. Firms are just as different as two separate dry cleaners or restaurants. Usually, if you don’t like the looks of the place, the sound of the proprietor or the initial service you get, you find another one. You don’t decide to dry clean your own clothes or never go out to eat again!

A bad experience with one agent usually means a lack of communication between the principal and agent or even a personality clash. Perhaps the seller wanted too much for the property and the agent gave an honest, professional, truthful opinion.

The public needs to understand that real estate agents are not “sales people at heart.” We are service people. Our goal is to bring the buyers and sellers together and act as a communicator. In addition to being compensated for the hard work involved, there’s a tremendous amount of satisfaction in seeing homeowners happy!

With so much risk in these days of lawsuits, I can’t imagine a professional, licensed agent (discounters) recommending that innocent, and most times ignorant, buyers and sellers take on the responsibility of transferring ownership of homes.



Hermosa Beach

Voss is with Century 21 Coast Properties.