Almost a decade ago, Robert Lorsch, a...

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Almost a decade ago, Robert Lorsch, a Los Angeles advertising man, proposed that America’s space shuttles sell space--the Madison Avenue kind--on their walls. But NASA termed “inappropriate” his plan to have companies pay $500,000 for the privilege of having an astronaut point to their plaque during the televised portions of missions.

So, Lorsch was doubly distressed Wednesday when a Swiss agency announced that it had signed a deal to sell ads on Soviet spaceships. A Soviet trade official confirmed that negotiations on the issue had “ended in success.”

“I find it ironic that the Soviet Union, which is not one of the progressive marketers of sales products, would be the one to see the wisdom of passing off some of the cost of space exploration to the private sector,” Lorsch said.

Still, he pointed out, there’s no reason why NASA can’t follow the lead of the Soviet Union, which reportedly plans to carry advertising on the flight suits of cosmonauts (in the manner of race-car drivers), on the spaceship walls and even on rocket sections that fall into the sea (cheaper rates for the latter).


Lorsch wonders whether espionage was involved.

“I wonder whether this idea came about because the Soviets read some old clippings,” he said, “or maybe because they somehow intercepted a copy of our communications with NASA.”

“I ‘m the first person in the history of Hollywood to ever become famous for nothing,” boasted would-be actress Angelyne nearly two years ago.

She had just commissioned a $20,000, 85-foot-tall portrait of herself on the side of an apartment near Hollywood and Vine.


Now, she’s famous for even less.

Her lease is up and her portrait has vanished. KPWR disc jockey Jay Thomas’ mug is taking her place.

KNX entertainment reporter Tom Hatten wondered: “Is she retiring from show business before she gets into it?”

All together now, to the tune of “That’s Entertainment”:

“When raspberries they’ve tasted, their egos will be wasted . . .”

Yes, it was time for the 10th annual Golden Raspberry Foundation Awards, the parody of the Oscars.

One big loser was Sylvester Stallone, who grunted his way to his third gold-leafed, Plaster-of-Paris raspberry as Worst Actor. Worst Actress dishonors went to Liza Minelli for starring in two of 1988’s duds, “Rent-A-Cop” and “Arthur 2: On the Rocks.”

“Cocktail” won as Worst Movie, a measure of consolation for star Tom Cruise, who was passed over in the Oscar nominations.


While a previous worst actor, Bill Cosby (“Leonard, Part VI”), asked for his Razzie a few months after it was awarded, founder John Wilson said this year’s recipients so far have been too modest to make such a request.