Report Says Rose Fined for Currency Violation

Pete Rose brought $46,197.54 in cash into the United States from Japan in 1981 without declaring the money and was fined half the amount, Sports Illustrated reported in its April 3 issue.

The magazine also said that the Cincinnati Reds manager consulted with at least one of his former players for advice on picking horses to bet on.

The magazine reported that it was told by a senior U.S. Customs official that Rose was investigated at least twice for currency violations. In 1981, according to the magazine, Rose failed to declare the cash he had received from Mizuno, a Japanese sporting goods company that he endorses.

In editions released Wednesday, the magazine said it also uncovered further information on its report last week that Rose exchanged hand signals relating to baseball betting. Sports Illustrated reported that a source close to a federal investigation said that Paul Janszen, a friend of Rose’s, said Rose was being investigated for allegedly exchanging the signals at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati.


“Two other sources close to the investigation said last week that the signals between Janszen and Rose didn’t involve placing new wagers on games but related to updates on the scores of games in progress at a time early in the 1987 season when the stadium scoreboard was not working,” the magazine said.

Rose denied exchanging any signals with Janszen.