TV News Shows Going to Cuba

Times Staff Writer

ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN are sending large contingents of anchors and reporters to Cuba to cover the visit of Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

Of the three major networks, NBC is dispatching the smallest on-air delegation, although Tom Brokaw will be there Sunday, when Gorbachev arrives, to file live reports for that day’s “Today” and “NBC Nightly News,” a spokeswoman said Thursday. He also will anchor “Nightly News” from Havana on Monday and Tuesday, shifting to Miami the next night.

Correspondents Ed Rabel and Mike Boettcher also will be in Cuba for NBC, but the “Today” show is staying home.

Not so “CBS This Morning.” Anchors Kathleen Sullivan and Harry Smith will broadcast from Cuba on Monday and Tuesday, as will Dan Rather and the “CBS Evening News.”


CBS’ morning show will air from the Havana’s Hotel Libre, which also will be broadcast headquarters for ABC anchor Peter Jennings and his “World News Tonight” on Monday and Tuesday.

Jennings, arriving Sunday, also will file stories then for “World News Sunday.” Correspondents Richard Threlkeld, John Quinones and Jim Laurie also are covering.

While “Good Morning America,” produced by ABC’s entertainment side, is staying home, its news segments, and the show that precedes it, “World News This Morning,” will originate from Havana.

CNN, whose special reports on Gorbachev’s four-day trip will start today, says it will air live coverage of his scheduled arrival in Havana at 10 a.m. PST on Sunday, with extensive live coverage during the rest of his visit.


CNN correspondents Tom Mintler, Lucia Newman and Steve Hurst will be the on-scene reporters, backed by a staff of more than 20, a spokesman said.