Weekend Weather Won’t Change, but the Time Will

Times Staff Writer

The telltale signs reveal that spring is actually here.

The weekend’s forecast calls for cooler temperatures and sunny skies, after the morning clouds and fog that should burn off by mid-morning.

“It’s beginning to look and feel like spring,” National Weather Service forecaster Wilbur Shigehara said.

A cold front making its way down California is the cause of the coastal clouds moving in. The front should dissipate as it reaches San Diego, causing some morning mist or drizzle Saturday.


Another vernal ritual is setting the clocks one hour ahead of standard time. Remember to set clocks ahead sometime Saturday night. The time change occurs 2 a.m. Sunday, when it becomes 3 a.m.

The beaches are expected to have highs of 60 to 65 degrees today, pulling back to 57 to 62 for the weekend. The coastal sections should reach 68 to 74 degrees, falling to 63 to 68 Saturday and Sunday. Nighttime lows of 50 to 56 degrees are expected.

The inland regions start off warm, with highs of 74 to 83 degrees expected today, dropping to 69 to 77 for the weekend. Nightly lows ot 45 to 52 are forecast for the weekend.

The mountains may reach 62 to 68 degrees, sliding to 35 to 45 at night. The desert will be the hot spot, hitting 92 to 98 degrees today. The desert temperatures will cool somewhat to 88 to 92 degrees Saturday, and 85 to 90 Sunday. Nighttime lows of 55-65 degrees are forecast for the weekend.


The surf is 3 to 4 feet, slightly higher than normal for this time of year, and the water temperature is 59 degrees.