That famous elephant Babar, already the star...

That famous elephant Babar, already the star of a slew of children's books, is making the jump to TV. Home Box Office (cable) plans to run 13 episodes of an animated "Babar" series, beginning Sunday at 8 a.m. The shows will feature new stories as well as adaptations of the famous books by Jean and Laurent de Brunhoff.

Stefanie Powers plays a mother going through the pain of divorce in "Love and Betrayal," a new movie for CBS. David Birney has the role as the husband who walks out on her.

Twins meet triplets in "Parent Trap III," a new movie that will be shown in two parts (April 9 and April 16) on NBC's "The Magical World of Disney." Hayley Mills reprises her dual role from the original 1961 film as twins Susan and Sharon Evers, and Barry Bostwick is on hand as a widowed father with triplets. The girls will be played by Leanna, Monica and Joy Creel.

Sela Ward has been cast in the title role of "The Haunting of Sarah Hardy," a TV movie being made for the USA cable network. She plays a woman who moves back to the estate where she grew up and keeps seeing apparitions of her dead mother. Also in the cast are Polly Bergen, Morgan Fairchild, Michael Woods and Roscoe Born.

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